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The Daydreamer – November 2018: Week 1 Events

No cold weather or short afternoons can stop you from having eventful days. If anything, the colder the weather, the more heated the events are. From farmers’ markets and movie nights, to poetry slams and music sessions, this week is serving up your favorite happenings with a side of autumn foliage.

Daydreamer Calendar


The Monday Night Sessions @ The Living Room

The Monday Night Sessions @ The Living Room
November 5 @ 8:00 p.m.

Why wait for the weekend to listen to great sets? The Monday Night Sessions is a concept unlike others that understands your need for mid-week release. Join The Flowery Twats in an evening full of creative sounds and forget about your Monday blues with the power of music and cocktails. For more info, click here.

Price: Free

Matthias Meyer: Live in Amman @ Good Pub

Matthias Meyer: Live in Amman @ Good Pub
November 8 @ 9:00 p.m.

The walls of Amman have been booming continuously, with new DJs regularly emerging into the scene, feeding the underground culture. Embassy Electronica, with its mission to support this wave, is hosting Matthias Meyer, all the way from Berlin, to please the ears of Amman’s ravers. There isn’t a better introduction to the weekend than this. For more info, click here.

Price: 10 JD

Ambush @ Zorba

Ambush @ Zorba
November 9 @ 9:00 p.m.

Ambush is a name that isn’t foreign to many these days. Known for hosting dedicated artists that take you on a euphoric journey of curated sounds, the ‘cult’ seems to continue living up to its name. This Friday presents you with a selection of creative sounds to appease your inner melophile. For more info, click here.

Price: 10 JD | Includes 1 free beer for the first 50 attendees

Wine & Dine

American Food Week @ ThreeSixty

American Food Week @ ThreeSixty
November 5 @ 7:00 p.m.

Among the first few things that come to mind when you think of American cuisine are briskets, burgers and short ribs. That’s not all you’re getting this Monday. Between that, Louisiana style beans, corn on the cob and pumpkin pies, you’re sure to leave ThreeSixty a happy camper.

Price: 35 JD | All inclusive

District's Brunch @ District

District’s Brunch @ District
November 9 @ 12:00 p.m.

Brunch and Bloody Marys are an endless love affair that need to be celebrated when possible. Bringing back their brunch menu with new delicious items this Friday, District welcomes you and your little ones to a flavorsome afternoon. For more info, click here.

Price: The bill at the end of your meal


Amman Poetry Slam (Halloween Edition) @ Books@ Cafe

Amman Poetry Slam (Halloween Edition) @ Books@Cafe
November 5 @ 6:30 p.m.

Never missing a chance to support local talent, Amman Poetry Slam is back at it with another open mic session. Partake in an opportunity to showcase your poetry and musical talent in an evening full of rhythm and rhyme. Where better to engage in a community that is both supportive and understanding? For more info, click here.

Price: 5 JD

2001, Divine Intervention @ Darat al Funun

Divine Intervention, 2001 @ Darat al Funun
November 6 @ 6:30 p.m.

Directed by Elia Suleiman, Divine Intervention is a love story to be reckoned with. Told in a surrealistic style, the story of the satiric comedy goes about a Palestinian man from occupied Palestine in 1948 who falls in love with a Palestinian woman from the West Bank.

Price: Free

Great Outdoors

Pirates of Amman - Treasure Hunt by Careem @ Pirates of Amman

Pirates of Amman – Treasure Hunt by Careem @ Pirates of Amman
November 9 @ 8:00 a.m.

The day has come to grace us with another treasure hunt around the city. Pirates of Amman is back in action once again for your entertainment. If you’re looking for a reason to bond with your friends and explore the city, this is your chance at that. All you need is a tank full of gas and a playful spirit to join in on the fun. For more info, click here.

Price: 50 JD per car

Body & Mind

AcroYoga Workshops @ The Shala Tree

AcroYoga Workshops @ The Shala Tree
November 9 @ 4:00 p.m.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to start taking up Yoga, you might as well partake in this Friday workshop. Guided by Zayd and Jatadhari, the Acroyoga session will focus on combining elements of Acrobatics, Yoga and Thai Massage to enhance your sense of balance, body control and communication that’ll ultimately lead you to inner peace.

Price: 20 JD | If you’re a lone wolf
15 JD | If you bring a friend

Family Fun

Weekly Farmers Market @ The Winemaker

Weekly Farmers Market @ The Winemaker
November 10 @ 10:00 a.m.

Nothing tastes better than fresh, organic produce. If you’re someone who knows the value of fresh fruits, organic vegetables, good quality cheese and well kneaded bread, hit this farmers’ market this Saturday. Between the plenty food stalls, sit-down eateries and crisp autumn air, you and your kids are in for a refreshing morning. For more info, click here.

Price: Free

As always Tipsters, stay curious!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team


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