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Sweater Weather Guide – 18 Soups to Warm the Soul

The cold of Amman is an unforgiving mistress, with its heavy rain, floods, and impending fear of snowfall. Though all hope might seem lost, enter: soup. This hot liquid soothes the senses and nourishes your very being. Without further ado, the Tip n’ Tag Team brings you a list of 18 soups to warm your cold and weary souls. Soup up Tipsters!

Clam Chowder | Soups

Meat Mussels’ clam chowder is one of the more unique soups to make it to this list – bringing together veggies, clams, and broth in a creamy stew.

You know what goes great with soup? Bread. At Paul, you get a both with their French onion soup served in a bread bowl. Those who are lactose intolerant, beware – this thicc boy comes packed with plenty of cheese and spices.

Freekeh | Soups

Why party hard on weekends when you can get freekeh with a bowl from Azkadenya? Whether or not you’re new to the unforgiving cold of Amman, you should know that freekeh soup is one of the few go-to methods of keeping warm.

Wonton | Soups

All the way from Asia, TomYum offers wonton soup – a delicacy combining the savory goodness of dumplings with the soothing warmth of broth. Pick the sweet balls of joy with your chopsticks and fondle them with your tongue.


RB is as Russian as it gets. It even has borscht on offer; a blood-red Eastern European beetroot soup. Topped with sour cream, this soup will warm even the coldest of hearts, just ask Putin.


Noodles are what make the world go round. If you want to indulge in the Japanese art of ramen, you might as well take a stroll through Weibdeh to Roe. There, homemade noodles are served with meat, chicken, or even tofu.

Harira | Soups

You can enjoy a fine bowl of harira, a traditional Moroccan soup, at Chapter 9. A hearty combination of lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, and even lamb, this bowl can be a wholesome meal on its own.

Hot & Sour soup @ Ren Chai

Ren Chai have several delicious options, but you’re going to want to dig into their hot & sour soup. This might be a fine dining restaurant, but no one is going to fault you for going to town on your bowl of soup.

Minestrone @ Luigi's Pizza

If you look hard enough at Luigi’s Pizza’s menu, you can find their minestrone soup – a thick Italian soup packed to the brim with vegetables. Full of zucchini, potatoes, and diced tomatoes, you’re not going to be missing out on any nutrients slurping this one down.

Pepper & Pine @ Pumpkin Soup

Here are two things we’ve learned last year: pumpkin season doesn’t end in Halloween, and pumpkins aren’t just used for carving. Pepper & Pine proves both points with its pumpkin soup; a scrumptious soup containing onions and garlic, and made endlessly creamy by coconut milk.

Jjambbong @ Bibim

Behind all of the confusing names on Bibim’s menu is fine Korean food. For soups, you should give the jjambbong a try. Be warned: this delicious blood-red bowl is as spicy as it looks, contains seafood, and comes with delicious noodles.

Miso Soup @ Yoshi

You know you can always count on Yoshi – both the dinosaur and the restaurant. Whether sunshine or rain, this contemporary Japanese eatery’s miso soup is as warm and welcoming as their atmosphere. Put your umbrella aside, and enjoy the soup. You’re safe here.

Tom Kha Gai @ Enso

At the W Hotel, you’ll find Enso; a pan-Asian dining experience matched by few restaurants in town. Prepare your body for the warmth of their tom kha gai. Take in the fragrant smell of this Thai stew, made up of coconut milk, lemon grass, and galangal.

Tomato Basil soup @ We Farm

When you find yourself freezing in the picturesque, hipster-ridden streets of Weibdeh, make it a point to visit We Farm. Don’t be fooled by this shop’s size, because it really doesn’t matter. Their fresh tomato basil soup is a friend you can always count on.

Lentil Soup @ Vitamin

A few things can stir loving feelings of nostalgia and homesickness like this stew. Vitamin’s take on lentil soup is the Arabic equivalent of cutting open a tauntaun with a lightsaber to seek its warmth – albeit with a squeeze of lemon.

Casereccio @ Corn Soup

During the colonization of the Americas, nothing brought people together better than a bowl of hot corn soup. Unfortunately, the stew was unable to stop mass-genocide of indigenous people, but it can surely put an end to the aching cold of winter. Point is, Casereccio makes a mean bowl of corn soup.

Rashouf | Soups

Rashouf, a quintessentially Jordanian winter dish, combining the wonders of jameed with lentils, groats, and wheat. It’s flavorful, it’s soothing, and you can find it at the Jordan Heritage Restaurant.

Mushroom Soup @ Boho Haus

Of all the soups out there, mushroom soup could be the most divisive. While not many people might enjoy it, those who do would be doing themselves a favor trying out Boho Haus’ luscious mushroom soup, served in a freshly baked bun.

Don’t slurp and drive.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team