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The Cool Off Guide – 🍦 Ice Cream, Milkshakes & Smoothies

This summer is heating up and these hot summer days call for all things cold and icy (and sweet!). You’ll never overheat or tire of options with all of the incredible Ice Cream, milkshake, and smoothie places in Jordan. And guess what? We tasted them all and found the best of the best.

Channel your inner Kourtney Kardashian with Dr. Juice’s Avocado with Cream and Honey Smoothie. This superfood smoothie is super good, wallah!

Best Seller: Avocado with Cream and Honey

We can’t talk about ice cream without talking about the one and only Arabic ice cream! Frosti’s adds their Italian touch and takes this Arabic classic to next-level ice cream goodness.

Best Seller: Arabic Ice Cream

We’ll put up with super hot summer days if it means we can eat gelato every day! You gotta try the Crocan with Caramel from Gelato Jordan for a perfect sweet (and cold!) treat.

Best Seller: Crocan with Caramel

Shaved ice is the epitome of refreshing. Shakeaway does shaved ice right with their Ralph Shaved Ice: lemon-lime ice topped with raspberries and strawberries (aka the perfect summer treat).

Best Seller: Ralph Shaved Ice

Overdoing it with the drinking this summer? Seed’s Dr. Green juice is just what the doctor ordered for a quick lil detox before you begin that vicious drinking cycle all over again this weekend.

Best Seller: Dr. Green

There’s nothing worse than being called Vanilla, but there’s nothing better than Gusti’s French Vanilla ice cream… refreshingly simple and perfectly classic.

Best Seller: French Vanilla

Four Winters kills the game with their dry-ice ice cream concoctions. Not only do their flavors change every season, but they get better every time (is that even possible!?). We can’t decide which flavor we like more: Cereal Crunch or Cookie Dough. BRB drooling.

Best Seller: Cereal Crunch/Cookie Dough

It’s not really summer if you don’t have some type of fruity slushie! Raspberry Juice Jo makes a killer fresh fruits slush that’ll leave you feeling ready to take on the summer!

Best Seller:
Fresh Fruits Slush

So the name “The Fit Bar” kinda gives it away, but the Banana Berry Smoothie is your new go-to healthy treat this summer. Two thumbs up for guilt-free treats!

Best Seller: Banana Berry Smoothie

There’s nothing like a refreshing Bubble Tea on a hot summer day. Full Moon Cafe’s Bubble Tea is top-notch. They’ve even got Matcha Bubble Tea for you bougie healthy folk.

Best Seller: Bubble Tea

Hot summer days call for refreshing lemonade! More specifically, Juice bangbang‘s Berry Lemonade Smoothie that’ll leave you feeling like you just got back from the beach.

Best Seller: Berry Lemonade Smoothie

Okay, Gerard’s is the OG GOAT of ice cream in Amman. Their flavor selection is outta this world, you just gotta see for yourself. We’re currently craving their Blueberry Cheesecake.

Best Seller: Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

So the Italians essentially got everything right when it comes to food, so it’s no surprise that they figured out a way to perfectly pair espresso and ice cream. Caffe Strada takes Affogatos to the next level with their Nutella Affogato Milkshake.

Best Seller: Nutella Affogato Milkshake

It turns out that if you eat ice cream 24/7 this summer you might put on some kilos… Enter: Organix Juice’s Gold Smoothie. This mango, chia seed, milk and honey smoothie will make you and your waistline look and feel like a million bucks.

Best Seller: Gold Smoothie – Mango, Chia Seeds, Milk and honey

We are ALL about supporting a good cause, especially when it comes in the form of a Passion Fruit + Mango Smoothie from Seven Pennies.

Best Seller: Passion Fruit + Mango Smoothie

We know we have an obsession with Lotus-flavored food, but seriously, the Lotus Milkshake at Trasimeno Coffee is too good not to talk about.

  Best Seller: Lotus Milkshake

Okay, so maybe a coffee shop wouldn’t be the first place you would think of to find an amazing smoothie. Geisha Coffee’s Passion Fruit Smoothie is serving up some serious good vibes this summer.

Best Seller: Passion Fruit Smoothie

Listen, bubblegum-flavored stuff can sometimes be gross but Stories knows what’s up with their bubblegum milkshake. This treat will take you straight back to childhood.

Best Seller: Bubblegum Milkshake

Sometimes you just need a bomb-@$$ smoothie to get you through these hot summer days. Well, Drinkat’s Multiple Juice smoothie featuring pineapple, mixed berries, banana, and strawberries is your answer to all things refreshingly fresh this summer.

Best Seller: Multiple Juice Smoothie

Need a Sunday pick-me-up after a long weekend of laying by the pool and pounding margs? Go Drink’s Blue Hawaiian Energy Drink is just what you need to get you through the workweek.

Best Seller: Blue Hawaiian – energy drink

We’ve got nothing more to say than SALTED. CARAMEL. GELATO. This gelato is outta-this-world good and we can’t stop eating it.

Best Seller: Salted Caramel Gelato

Stay cool this summer, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team